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‘Avarice and Rapacity’ and ‘Treasonable Correspondence’ in ‘an Emporium for All the World’: The British capture of St Eustatius, 1781

By Randolph Cock

In the Revolutionary War the American rebels relied on supplies of munitions, especially gunpowder, from Europe. To circumvent the embargo and avoid seizure by the British, many of those supplies were routed through the neutral Dutch West Indian island of St Eustatius. To cut off supplies to the Americans, the British invaded and occupied that […] Read More

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The Finest Invention in the World: the Royal Navy’s Early Trials of Copper Sheathing, 1708-1770

By Randolph Cock

For wooden vessels venturing into warmer waters it would not be until the advent of the steel hull that their nemesis ‘The Worm’ – Teredo Navalis – would be a thing of the past. In this article the author details early experiments by the Royal Navy to limit the worm’s destructive effects to a ship’s […] Read More

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Precursors of Cook: the Voyages of the Dolphin, 1764-8

By Randolph Cock

In the scholarly accounts of 18th century British voyages of discovery and exploration, those of Captain James Cook (1768-71, 1772-5, and 1776-8) figure prominently.  However, this article asserts that the two previous voyages of the Dolphin (1764-6 and 1766-8) have been unfairly slighted and deserve more attention and credit, since they materially contributed to the […] Read More

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