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Ships of Private Origin in the Mid-Tudor Navy: the Lartigue, the Salamander, the Mary Willoughby, the Bark Aucher and the Galley Blanchard

By Richard Boulind

These five ships, not Royal-built nor always in Royal service, illustrate the readiness of the Tudor navy to embrace diversity.  Lartigue was engaged in Franco-Scottish diplomacy and English espionage.  Salamander transported royalty and took part in the Channel battles.  Mary Willoughby, when captured by the Scots, became a successful merchant raider, before being recaptured.  Bark […] Read More

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Tudor Captains: The Beestons and the Tyrells

By Richard Boulind

In the 16th Century, five naval captains bore the names of the gentry families Beeston and Tyrell. This article discusses the contrasting family documentation on the serving naval officers of the two families. In the case of the Beestons, printed sources on the family connections of the three Captains in the 16th Century navy, namely […] Read More

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Shipwreck and Mutiny in Spain’s Galleys on the Santo Domingo Station, 1583

By Richard Boulind

King Philip II delayed sending galleys to defend Santo Domingo from pirates, due to instability, corruption, and monetary chaos on the island of Hispaniola. The two galleys finally sent in 1582 soon met disaster, as the smaller galliot wrecked and a mutinous crew took over the remaining galley and held it for several months. The […] Read More

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Drake’s Navigational Skills

By Richard Boulind

Sir Francis Drake’s acquisition of cartography, navigation and cosmography skills began in earnest during his first independent voyage to the Isthmus of Panama (1572-3). Subsequent events including numerous raids against Spanish trade in the Indies, the Armada and the circumnavigation of the world provided Drake with the opportunity to establish his reputation as England’s greatest […] Read More

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