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Book Review-‘The Law of Nations and Britain’s Quest for Naval Security International Law and Arms Control, 1898–1914’ by S. Keefer

By Richard Dunley

Historians and practitioners have long acknowledged the importance of international law to the actions of navies and others operating in the maritime sphere. Recent works focusing on the prewar and First World War period by historians such as Isabel Hull, in A Scrap of Paper (2014), Nicholas Lambert, in 2012’s Planning Armageddon, and John Coogan […] Read More

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Book Review-‘R.H.N.S. ‘Averof’: Thunder in the Aegean’ by J. Carr

By Richard Dunley

It is fair to say that early twentieth century Greek naval history is a rather niche field, in the Anglophone historiography at least. Attention has naturally focused on the major navies of Britain, Germany and to a lesser extent the United States. Even those historians who have ventured further afield to consider developments in the […] Read More

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