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Book Review-‘The First Circumnavigators: Unsung heroes of the Age of Discovery’ by H. Kelsey

By Richard Dunn

As readers of this journal will know, the first circumnavigation of the globe was completed in 1522, towards the end of a voyage into the Pacific commanded by Ferdinand Magellan (Fernão de Magalhães), who died before its return. In The First Circumnavigators Harry Kelsey analyses the four major Spanish voyages that set off between 1519 […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Global Marine Science and Carlsberg: The golden connections of Johannes Schmidt (1877–1933)’ by B. Poulsen

By Richard Dunn

I would venture to suggest that Johannes Schmidt is not a name that even readers of this journal would immediately recall, but this new biographical account shows that as a scientist and entrepreneur who led 26 oceanic expeditions and revealed, among other things, the secrets of the eel’s breeding patterns, he deserves recognition. In recounting […] Read More

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