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Book Review-‘Science, Utility and Maritime Power: Samuel Bentham in Russia, 1779–91’ by R. Morriss

By Richard L. Bland

Roger Morriss provides a glimpse into the life of a bright young man who, in the late eighteenth century, travelled and worked in Russia. The book is divided into three parts (science, utility and maritime power) with each of the parts subdivided into three chapters. These are followed by conclusions, seven appendices, a bibliography and […] Read More

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Book RBellingshausen and the Russian Antarctic Expedition, 1819–21′ by R. Bulkeley Palgraveeview-‘

By Richard L. Bland

In 1819 Junior Captain Faddei Faddeyevich Bellingshausen left the Russian port of Kronstadt with a squadron of two ships to explore the Antarctic. Bellingshausen, a Baltic Prussian, was a Russian citizen, his squadron flying the Russian flag. This book contains several contemporary accounts of that voyage… Read More

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