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Naval Resources and the British Defeat at Yorktown, 1781

By Richard Middleton

Although most of the blame for the disaster at Yorktown fell on the generals, the role of the navy was equally crucial. Had the fleet converged on Chesapeake Bay in sufficient numbers, the army of Lord Cornwallis would have been rescued and the war perhaps ended differently. Responsibility for this failure has never been adequately […] Read More

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The Visitation of the Royal Dockyards, 1749

By Richard Middleton

The article covers the disagreements between the Admiralty Board and the Navy Board 1749-1755, when the need to reduce the national debt required economies in all Government Departments. It covers the actions taken by the Admiralty, their recommendations and instructions to the Navy Board and the Navy Board’s reactions and reluctance to change. It discusses […] Read More

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British Naval Strategy 1755 – 1762: the Western Squadron

By Richard Middleton

Interpretations of naval success between 1755 and 1762, are questioned, particularly the notion that William Pitt was responsible for the reversal of British naval fortunes. A detailed narrative of the Western Squadron’s activities in the English Channel is included. British naval success can be attributed to the pragmatic innovations implemented by First Lord Anson and […] Read More

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