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Lord Bridport and the Spithead Mutiny

By Richard Saxby

While much has been written of the Spithead mutiny of 1797, little note has been taken of correspondence between Lord Bridport and the Admiralty while the Channel fleet was in a state of mutiny. Due to ill health, Lord Howe had resigned as C-in-C of the Fleet, leaving a rather untidy command structure, which resulted […] Read More

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The Blockade of Brest in the French Revolutionary War

By Richard Saxby

This is the story of how during the eighteenth-century wars a western squadron stationed so as to cover the main French base at Brest became a kingpin of British strategy. A fleet capable of matching anything the French might put to sea placed in what the sailors of the time called the Soundings effectually deterred […] Read More

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Note: A Legend Re-examined

By Richard Saxby

The story as to how the Hood brothers were first made aware of the navy and went on to became naval legends is examined and refuted. Read More

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