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Book Review – ‘One Firm Anchor: The Church and the merchant seafarer, an introductory history’ by R. W. H. Miller

By Roald Kverndal

This book integrates the fruit of lifelong research into the history of relations between the Christian church and the merchant seafarer. The author, who was earlier affiliated with the Church of England and in the 1960s served in the Missions to Seamen, is now a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. He has chosen to […] Read More

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The 200th Anniversary of Organised Seamen’s Missions, 1779-1979

By Roald Kverndal

The nineteenth century saw the creation of numerous seamen’s welfare societies but all could trace their ancestry back to the Naval and Military Bible Society. Formed in 1779, it supplied bibles to service personnel with the aim of ‘spreading abroad Christian knowledge and reformation of manners’. From 1825 the Society also embraced merchant seamen and […] Read More

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