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Book Review-‘Early Ships and Seafaring: Water transport beyond Europe’ by S. McGrail

By Robert J.C. Mowat

The British tradition of ‘maritime ethnography’ (as developed by Hornell) has traditionally been the basis for the study of early and ‘primitive’ watercraft, and underlies this study, which is essentially an introductory account by its leading practitioner. This volume should prove valuable to both the general reader and the student of archaeology in general. Water […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Jutland 1916: The archaeology of a naval battlefield’ by I. McCartney

By Robert J.C. Mowat

In recent years Innes McCartney has been recognized as a leading exponent of underwater research, most notably into the wrecks of First World War warships and submarines within the North Sea and English Channel. His studies have characteristically combined the use of advanced techniques of underwater survey and technical diving with documentary and historical research […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Britain’s Industrial Revolution: The making of a manufacturing people, 1700–1870’ by Barrie Trinder

By Robert J.C. Mowat

This is an impressive, substantial and attractive book. Written by a lifelong practitioner and publicist of industrial archaeology (whose extra-mural lectures were greatly enjoyed by the reviewer’s parents among many others), it presents the myriad aspects of British industrial development across the titular period on the basis of specific examples. In doing so, it draws […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Pre-Dreadnought Revolution: Developing the bulwarks of sea power’ by W. Berry

By Robert J.C. Mowat

In the Victorian period, the Royal Navy faced a fundamental problem in its most serious form; that of reconciling the ‘out of area’ roles of colonial and trade protection, including survey work and the suppression of slavery, with the defence of ‘home waters’, most notably against the révanchist France of Napoleon III (1851–70). The additional […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Ark Before Noah: Decoding the story of the Flood’ by I. Finkel

By Robert J.C. Mowat

Any reviewer dreams of the availability of a work of haute vulgarisation which offers a concise yet detailed account of a complex yet highly significant subject and makes it publicly available at an entirely reasonable price. Such delight is to be compounded if the work is centred around the life story of a recognized television […] Read More

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