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Note: Practical Assessment of the Accuracy of the Astrolabe

By Robin Knox-Johnston

Having been developed by the Arabs as a means of finding direction, the astrolabe and the attendant tables needed by the navigator were refined over the centuries until replaced by the backstaff Read More

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Note: The Loss of the MV Dara 8 April 1961

By Robin Knox-Johnston

An account of the loss by fire after an explosion of the MV Dara. Read More

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The Austin Farrar Memorial Article 2010: Forty Years of Around-the-World Yacht Development

By Robin Knox-Johnston

The author details the evolution of yacht design and developments in navigation and communication since the first transatlantic yacht race in 1960. These changes have led to lighter and faster craft resulting in shorter journey times – an advantage for the solo sailor. Improved communications mean that journeys can be monitored, improving the chance of […] Read More

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