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Changing the Agenda: the New Naval History of the British Sailing Navy

By Roger Knight

Naval history has moved from the study of great men and their strategies and campaigns to the study of the capacity of naval power in the round. Important records came close to being disposed of and no longer available, but were saved by fortuitous interventions. Research into original records, assisted by guides to the use […] Read More

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The Society Annual Lecture 2007: Politics and Trust in Victualling the Navy, 1793-1815

By Roger Knight

Following the end of the Napoleonic Wars, the Victualling Board was accused of corruption and poor performance. A detailed examination of the evidence shows that most problems were due to inefficient working practices and lack of expertise on the part of the Commissioners. Government reforms had in fact started after the American War and reforms […] Read More

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Politics and Trust in Victualling the Navy, 1793-1815

By Roger Knight

The article uses Basil Cochrane’s 250 page report attacking the Victualling Board. This was issued to the Admiralty Board in an attempt to get his accounts settled. This formed the basis for the contemporary belief that the victualling of ships for the Navy was not openly and fairly undertaken. Various sources, such as the trial […] Read More

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Nelson and the Perfect Muster Book

By Roger Knight

Nelson in 1790-91 was out of favour with the Admiralty, which is usually attributed to his support for Prince William Henry in the Prince’s dispute with Lieutenant Schomberg.  But Nelson had also been censured for supporting the Prince when in 1786 he failed to deliver a complete muster book at Antigua.   This perhaps was seen […] Read More

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