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Book Review: ‘Mutiny on the Spanish Main: HMS ‘Hermione’ and the Royal Navy’s revenge’ by A. Konstam,

By Roger Morriss

The Hermione mutiny needs little introduction to those interested in the social history of the Royal Navy. It was the most notorious, most bloody and probably the most ruthlessly punished mutiny suffered by the navy. The Spithead and Nore mutinies in May and June 1797 might have been greater in scale and important for the […] Read More

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The Supply of Casks and Staves to the Royal Navy, 1770–1815

By Roger Morriss

The sailing Royal Navy needed wooden casks for fresh water, alcohol and food. Consumption peaked in 1805: Deptford Yard issued 72,253 tight casks and 72,073 dry casks, and the annual average at Portsmouth was 10,000 and at Plymouth 21,700. From the 1780s cask staves were principally English beech, from 1800, oak from Quebec, but the […] Read More

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200 Years of Admiralty Charts and Surveys

By Roger Morriss

A scientific cartographer, Dalrymple was meticulous in everything he undertook. His charts were models of clarity and elegance, and as accurate as the surveys on which they were based. Most of the surveying and charting in the first half of the nineteenth century was more in support of trade than of military matters. The final […] Read More

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Note: The Papers of John Montagu, Fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-92)

By Roger Morriss

The purchase of the papers of John Montague, Fourth earl of Sandwich has made it possible for researchers to make use of the full body of his work, and not merely the small proportion reprinted by the Navy Records Society. Read More

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St Vincent and Reform, 1801–04

By Roger Morriss

Lord St Vincent’s administration as First Lord of the Admiralty has been widely hailed as a failure by Naval and political historians. This traditional view has been attributed directly to his inability to overcome the very ‘corruption’, which he was attempting to reduce. Drawing from naval department sources themselves, the author maintains that the very […] Read More

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