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Book Review – ‘The World’s Key Industry: History and economics of international shipping’ by Gelina Harlaftis, Stig Tenold and Jesus M. Valdaliso (eds)

By Roy Fenton

A volume of papers devoted to the history and economics of the shipping industry as it evolved in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, The World’s Key Industry was conceived as a tribute to Lewis ‘Skip’ Fischer. Described by the editors as the scholar who has, above all others, promoted maritime history as an international discipline, Skip has […] Read More

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Refining the Steam Coaster: Scotland’s contribution

By Roy Fenton

This article explores the origins and development of a small but significant type of merchant ship, the bulk-carrying steam coaster. They were built in considerable numbers, made an important contribution to industrialization, and their design is largely perpetuated in modern motor coasters, but they have not been well served by shipping historians. An analysis is […] Read More

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