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Boats, Ships and Wrecks: Maritime Archeology and The Mariner’s Mirror

By Sean McGrail

This article traces the evolution of today’s Mariner’s Mirror from the intentions of a hundred years ago with respect to maritime archeology, research projects in archeology and ethnography, the nautical dictionary, documentation of coastal craft and a museum for excavated boats. Listed are the boat and ship excavations which have been reported such as the […] Read More

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Early Seafaring in Northwest Europe: Plank Boats, Logboats and Hide Boats

By Seán McGrail

This article examines a possible tradition of prehistoric plank boats and early logboats and hide boats.   The evidence from remains of prehistoric log boats is discussed, and early methods of propulsion examined. Read More

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Note: Early Frame-first Methods of Building Wooden Boats and Ships

By Sean McGrail

This note summarises what is at present known about early frame-based boat and ship-building methods in north-west European, Mediterranean and Chinese / South-east Asian waters. Read More

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Prehistoric Water Transport in NW Europe

By Seán McGrail

This paper summarises the forms of water transport in North West Europe preceding the 1st century AD. Whilst most scholars studying this period rely mostly on archaeological findings in the form of preserved navigational instruments, anchors, harbours and boats, the comparative lack of such remains in North-West Europe necessitates McGrail’s utilisation of iconographic, documentary and […] Read More

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Models, Replicas and Experiments in Nautical Archaeology

By Sean McGrail

Experimental archaeology, or the construction and testing of ‘material hardware analogues’, can increase our knowledge of past technologies and economies, and thus it is a valid and valuable archaeological technique. Yet thorough scientific planning is needed if worth-while results are to be obtained from any form of experimental archaeology. Valid conclusions can only be drawn […] Read More

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