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Naval and Civilian Influences on Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Medical Practice

By Sir James Watt

This posthumously published essay by the former Surgeon Vice Admiral of the Royal Navy considers how naval and civilian medical discoveries, attitudes and practices influenced each other during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Topics considered include the role of citrus juice in combatting scurvy, quinine and malaria, bloodletting, water purity and cholera, timing of amputations […] Read More

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The Health of Seamen in Anti-Slavery Squadrons

By Sir James Watt

Tedium interspersed with the dangers of working boats in high surf environments, attacks from slavers and local tribes, and the boarding of slave ships all lead to the highest incidence of illness and death in the Royal Navy. Disease was of particular concern, especially those considered tropical fevers such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever.   […] Read More

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James Ramsay, 1733-1789: Naval Surgeon, Naval Chaplain and Morning Star of the Anti-Slavery Movement

By Sir James Watt

A biography of James Ramsay which describes his largely ignored but key role in promoting the anti-slavery movement. He was a prolific writer, a philanthropist and a political activist as well as a naval surgeon and chaplain. Read More

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