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Book Review-‘Coal and Empire: The birth of energy security in industrial America’ by P. A. Shulman

By Stevan Gray

Peter A. Shulman begins his study of coal and the birth of American fuel security with an account of the meeting between Roosevelt and the Saudi king in 1945. He describes this meeting as ‘a kind of set piece in writings about the emerging post-war geopolitics of energy’ (p. 1). Yet, Schulman argues, although this […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Colonial Naval Culture and British Imperialism, 1922–67’ by D. O. Spence

By Stevan Gray

In the Oxford History of the British Empire, published in 1999, Barry M. Gough suggested that ‘the general linkage of navy to empire continues to escape historians’. Since this statement, little appears to have changed, and the oceanic nature of the British Empire is rarely acknowledged for the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Furthermore, very few […] Read More

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