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Book Review – ‘To Auckland by the Ganges: The journal of a sea voyage to New Zealand in 1863’ by Robert M. Grogans

By Steve Mullins

Migration is an epic theme in the history of the British Empire, and has left in its considerable wake an extensive literature exploring the experiences of migrants to the Australasian colonies. The best books, among them Don Charwood’s wide-angled The Long Farewell (1981), Helen Woolcock’s Rights of Passage (1986), Jan Gothard’s Blue China (2001) and Robin Haines’s Life and Death in the […] Read More

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Vrijbuiters! Australian Pearl-Shellers and Colonial Order in the Late Nineteenth-Century Moluccas

By Steve Mullins

Part of a research programme into Australian pearl shelling in the schooner era from 1880s to 1914. Considers Dutch colonial attitudes and actions; importance of pearl shell trade to indigenous authorities; local social unrest in the Aru Islands; reactions of Dutch and locals to Australian schooners at different times; resultant diplomatic incidents and British naval […] Read More

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The 1872-3 Cruise of the Pearl-Shelling Schooner Franz: Recording the Southwest Pacific Maritime Trade

By Steve Mullins

On 2 July 1872 the 148 ton schooner Franz left its home port Sydney bound for Torres Strait where rich grounds of mother-of-pearl shells had been discovered only recently. Yet the Franz then sailed around the north coast of New Guinea, and the voyage ended in disaster, half the ship’s company having been killed. The […] Read More

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