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Book Review – ‘The Sea in History: The modern world’ by Steven Gray

By Steven Gray

This tome forms a substantial finale to the four volume Sea in History series, a result of the huge Oceanides project. It is an 848-page behemoth, with a contributor list that reads like a who’s who of modern naval history, and indeed beyond the field. It is therefore appropriate that the volume is edited by a scholar as distinguished […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘A History of the Royal Navy: Empire and imperialism’ by Steven Gray

By Steven Gray

Part of the wider series commissioned by the National Museum of the Royal Navy, this volume differs with the majority of the collection by not focusing on a particular period or war, but instead on the relationship between the navy and empire. Spence not only attempts to cover the navy’s expansionist role on land and […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘The Mobilities of Ships’ by Steven Gray

By Steven Gray

This new edited collection, published by Routledge, is in fact a revised version of a special issue of Mobilities, an interdisciplinary journal. The journal is described as aiming to explore ‘the large-scale movements of people, objects, capital, and information across the world, as well as more local processes of daily transportation, movement through public and private […] Read More

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Book Review – ‘Oceania Under Steam: Sea transport and the cultures of colonialism c. 1870–1914’ by Frances Steel

By Steven Gray

Frances Steel’s study of the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand (USSCo.) at the height of the age of steam is a worthy addition to the ‘Studies in Imperialism’ series. It represents an impressive and pioneering attempt to fill several gaps in our understanding of the British Pacific World between the late nineteenth century and […] Read More

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Coaling Warships with Naval Labour, 1870-1914: ‘I wish I could get hold of that man who first found coal.’

By Steven Gray

The expansion of a steam-powered Royal Navy in the period 1870−1914 made vessels utterly dependent on coal. Getting this coal aboard warships was dirty, exhausting, and dangerous work. Even in 1914, it was still largely done by hand and, increasingly, it was the job of the ships’ crews to perform this task. Thus coaling was […] Read More

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