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Book Review-‘The British Civil Wars at Sea 1638–1653’by R. J. Blakemore and E. Murphy

By Thomas Malcomson

This book examines Parliamentarian and Royalist use of their respective naval forces, during the English Civil Wars. Blakemore and Murphy explore the shifting allegiances, parliament’s overhaul of the navy’s organization, the naval support to their respective armies, and the role of privateers within the overall military story of the Civil Wars. The authors add to […] Read More

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Book Review-‘‘That Hamilton Woman’: Emma and Nelson’ by B. Gough

By Thomas Malcomson

That Hamilton Woman’: Emma and Nelson by Barry Gough is an extended essay on the famous romantic relationship between Emma Hamilton and Lord Nelson. Gough places the relationship in the context of women in the lives of sailors and the potentially important roles they played in officers’ careers. The book also provides the full text […] Read More

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