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Entirely the Most Absurd and False Narrative that was ever Deliver’d to the Publick’: an Inquiry into what Really Happened on George Shelvocke’s Privateering Voyage

By Tim Beattie

It has been generally agreed that the two contemporary published accounts of the privateering expedition undertaken in 1719 by John Clipperton and George Shelvocke are thoroughly unreliable and the writers, in the words of O. K. Spate, ‘hard liars both’. Recent studies, by Glyndwr Williams (1997), Philip Edwards (1994) and Jonathan Lamb (2001 and 2004) […] Read More

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Adventuring Your Estate: the Origins, Costs and Rewards of Woodes Rogers’s Privateering Voyage of 1708-11

By Tim Beattie

In August 1708 the Duke and Duchess; two private men of war, set sail from Kingroad, near Bristol. This was a commercial venture supported by the Crown, but funded privately by West Country businessmen who were yet to benefit from the burgeoning slave trade. By some measures it would be the most successful privateering expedition […] Read More

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