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Book Review-‘Hard Down! Hard Down! The life and times of Captain John Isbester from Shetland’ by J. Isbester

By Tom Muir

‘I suddenly heard a loud roaring sound of wind – the captain at the same moment, looked up . . . The next instant he made one bound out of the cabin, ran up on deck, and shouted “Hard down! Hard down!” ’ The life of a sailing ship master in the late nineteenth and […] Read More

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Book Review-‘The Cod Hunters’ by J. Goodlad

By Tom Muir

This book tells an extraordinary tale of nineteenth-century social life in the North Atlantic, the hardships and triumphs of ordinary people. Cod fishing was seen as being a particularly hard job, and with good reason. It was not a hollow boast that the ‘cod hunters’ were dubbed ‘iron men in wooden boats’. The cod fisheries […] Read More

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Book Review-‘John Rae, Arctic Explorer: The unfinished autobiography’ by W. Barr (ed.)

By Tom Muir

I have long been aware of John Rae’s unfinished autobiography, which is held in the collection of the Scott Polar Research Institute, but have not had the pleasure of reading it, until now. As exhibitions officer with the Orkney Museum I was able to access the manuscript through an intern from the National Museums Scotland […] Read More

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Book Review-‘After the Lost Franklin Expedition: Lady Franklin and John Rae’ by P. Baxter

By Tom Muir

It seems that Dr John Rae is a popular fellow, as on the back of his unfinished autobiography comes this new book by Peter Baxter. To recap the story, it contrasts the adventures of the Orkney-born Arctic explorer, Rae (1813–93), and veteran Arctic explorer Sir John Franklin. It was Rae who first discovered the fate […] Read More

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