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Book Review:- ‘A Great and Rising Nation: Naval exploration and global empire in the early US Republic’ by M. A. Verney,

By W. Mark Hamilton

A Great and Rising Nation is part of the University of Chicago Press Series American Beginnings, 1500–1900. Each of its six chapters relates to US naval expeditions during the first half of the nineteenth century. Contrary to strong and established historical tradition, Michael A. Verney contends that the new United States emerged as a global […] Read More

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Book Review-‘‘Nemesis’: The first iron warship and her world’ byA. G. Marshall

By W. Mark Hamilton

Adrian Marshall’s ‘Nemesis’ makes a significant contribution not only to a history of this unique ship, but to the history of the nineteenth-century Asian world in which she sailed. Nemesis was the first of a generation of steam-powered ironclad vessels with watertight compartments. It was also the first iron vessel to round the Cape of […] Read More

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Book Review-‘Heligoland: Britain, Germany, and the struggle for the North Sea’ by J. Rüger

By W. Mark Hamilton

Author Jan Rüger has written a masterful history of a ‘rock’ in the North Sea, and in the process provided his readers with a fascinating account of Anglo-German relations. The ‘rock’ in question is the island of Heligoland, and in the author’s words it’s ‘an apt location from where to rethink the Anglo-German past’. Heligoland […] Read More

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The ‘New Navalism’ and the British Navy League, 1895-1914

By W. Mark Hamilton

At the end of the 19th. Century a concern felt in certain circles was that the Admiralty and the Navy existed in a post-Trafalgar euphoric stupor, seemingly unaware that other navies, although unable to match the Royal Navy numerically, were busy building capital warships. In this article W. Mark Hamilton traces the response to these […] Read More

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