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Michael Oppenheim, 1853 – 1927, a Memoir

By W.E. Minchinton

Michael Oppenheim was a ship’s surgeon who, without formal training in history, became a scholar of significant reputation in maritime history in his later years during the Victorian era. His contribution was pioneering work that has stood the test of time both in general and particularly in detail. This is not a biography but an […] Read More

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The Voyage of the Snow Africa

By W.E. Minchinton

The snow Africa was a two-masted, square rigged ship of 100 tons burthen. Such a vessel would carry about 250 slaves. On 15 July 1775, after an absence of 9 months, the Africa arrived back at Bristol in ballast. There was a total loss on this particular voyage of 250 pounds 18 shillings. It is […] Read More

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