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Octants from the Friesian Island of Fohr for Dutch and German Whale Men, 1760-90

By W.F.J. Morzer Bruyns

During the second half of the 18th Century, a considerable number of octants (Hadley’s quadrant) were produced on Fohr. The whaling and farming community on Fohr is described, together with the spread of the use of octants across European seafaring communities from the 1730’s onwards. A number of octants produced on the island have been […] Read More

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Navigation on Dutch East India Company Ships Around the 1740s

By W.F.J. Morzer Bruyns

This article ranges from a description of the construction and jealous protection of early maps and navigational equipment from the formation of the company in 1602 to a discussion of the route instructions from Zeeland to Sumatra via the the Cape of Good Hope. It concludes with a detailed examination of two Dutch manuscript charts […] Read More

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