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Book Review – ‘The Channel Islands 1370–1640: Between England and Normandy’ by Tim Thornton

By Wendy R. Childs

As Professor Thornton makes clear in his introduction, this is not a maritime history of the Channel Islands. It is essentially a study of the administrative and religious relationship of the Islands with the Crown of England and of their links with Normandy, which continued into the early modern period. There is only occasional reference […] Read More

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The Commercial Shipping of Southwestern England in the Later Fifteenth Century

By Wendy R. Childs

An examination of the overseas voyages of south-western ships primarily through the surviving national customs accounts records for Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. The ships of the south-west were called on to carry an extremely varied range of goods. They also took pilgrims destined for Santiago de Compostella to Corunna. Their voyages took them to […] Read More

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