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Thrust and Counter

By William P. Avery

In this article, William Avery defends Alexander Hood, 1st Viscount Bridport, who has shouldered the blame for the escape from Brest of the blockaded French fleet under Eustace de Bruix’s in 1799. Avery suggests that Bridport holds less responsibility for British failings than has been supposed and that the entire episode revealed a number of […] Read More

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An Imposing Array Fact Or Fiction?

By William P. Avery

This article reviews the evidence for the role of the Spanish Navy in the period of the French Revolutionary War. The negative views of James, Brenton, Clowes and Schomberg on the proficiency, quantity and quality of the Spanish Navy is re-examined using Spanish records. Numbers of ships and guns are listed and the Spanish records, […] Read More

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