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Document: Naval Accounts for 1209-1211

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The translation of the original document details the expenses incurred in maintaining the King’s vessels at different points around the South Coast. Not only are new-builds and repairs to existing vessels included but also the cost of manning and supplying the galleys, ships and boats. The accounts also contain an amount for the building of […] Read More

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Document: Official Ship Models

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The letter, dated 12 April 1649, from the Admiralty Committee to the Navy Commissioners contains the earliest order then discovered for the making of models of ships proposed to be built. The two third rates were the Fairfax and Speaker; the next two were the Bonadventure and Portsmouth, fourth rates, and finally the Dunkirk, third […] Read More

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Document: The pitfalls and dangers to the officers employed upon the impress service 1722

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The letter from the Lords of the Admiralty to Charles Lord Townshend, Secretary of State demonstrates that in the early eighteenth century the impressing of merchant seafarers into the Navy was not a straight forward task, and that at times the Navy suffered embarrassing and deadly reverses. Read More

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Document: A Privateer Commission of 1798

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This very rare survivor is a copy of the Letter of Marque and Reprisal issued to Captain William Maxwell of the Calcutta on 18 May 1798 to seek and apprehend vessels of the United Providences and deliver them to a port where the Court of Admiralty of England could adjudicate on whether the vessel and […] Read More

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Document: Grog

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This short article reproduces in full the order issued on 21 August, 1740 by Edward Vernon, Vice-Admiral and Commander-in-Chief in the West Indies. His order dispensed with the previous practice of serving neat rum and replaced it with half a pint of rum mixed with a quart of water. So marked was the improvement in […] Read More

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