Sea Monsters Part 2: The Eyewitness Accounts

June 2024

An entire episode dedicated to historical accounts of sea monsters! In the last episode we learned how sailors’ encounters with sea monsters inform us of a changing world and link themes of religion and science with exploration of the natural world and safety at sea. In this episode we hear what they actually had to say, in their own voices. We hear about ‘The Great Sea-Serpent’ spotted from the decks of HMS Daedalus in 1848; the ‘Anchertroll Horror’ off West Africa of April 1871; a snake with a white mane seen in 1746 off Norway and a ‘Devil-Fish’ that swallowed a schooner east of Sri Lanka in 1874. The episode was put together with the help of Graham Faiella, maritime historian and author of ‘Mysteries and Sea Monsters.’

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