The Lusitania Disaster: Part 2 – The Eyewitness Accounts

May 2022

This is the second episode in our Lusitania Disaster Special in which we explore the sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-Boat in May 1915, which ended in the death of over 1900 people. In this episode we hear three fascinating eyewitness accounts: The 18 year-old lookout Leslie Morton describes how he lost his brother when the torpedo struck, scrambled for his life and ended up trawling the morgues in Queenstown for his brother’s corpse; we hear from Grace French, a 24 year-old dressmaker from Scotland making her way back home who was taking the air with a young man she had taken a shine to when the torpedo tore her future apart; and the English nurse Alice Lines, travelling with her American employers to look after their children. When the torpedo struck Alice found herself as far away from safety as possible – she was inside, downstairs, with a five year old and a seven year old she had to save as well as herself.

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