The Lusitania Disaster: Part 4 The Exhibition

May 2022

Part 4 of our special min-series on the Lusitania disaster. Dr Sam Willis meets Lusitania historian Peter Kelly and together they explore some of their favourite items in the Lusitania exhibition at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. They discuss two different ships linked with the Lusitania story – the Falaba, a passenger ship of Liverpool’s Elder Dempster line sunk by a German U-Boat off the southern coast of Ireland a matter of weeks before the Lusitania disaster; and the Carmania, a Cunard line Atlantic liner like the Lusitania. But unlike the Lusitania the Carmania was converted into an armed ship and went on to sink an armed German merchant cruiser in Bermuda. Sam and Peter also discuss Peter’s project researching the biographies of all of those on board Lusitania on her last voyage and also the extraordinary satirical medallions made in Germany to commemorate the sinking.

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