The Maritime History of Wales 1: The Porth Felen Anchor Stock

November 2021

This is the first episode of our new series about the maritime history of Wales. Our Welsh presenter Eirwen Abberley Watton finds out about the Porth Felen anchor-stock, a unique find for British waters for its age: the Porth Felen anchor stock is believed to be Roman.

It was found in the Bardsey Sound off the coast of the Llyn peninsula in the north of Wales in 1974, a very dangerous (but beautiful) stretch of coast. An anchor-stock is a beam of wood or iron placed at the upper end of the shank of an anchor – transversely to the plane of the arms – and it serves to keep the anchor from lying flat on the seabed.

To find out more Eirwen speaks with Jake Davies, a Welsh based diver and marine biologist with a passion for sharing the underwater marine environment off the Welsh coast. As a diver he’s not just interested in marine life but the history and stories that lie beneath the Welsh coast. Jake has recently led a series of dives looking for extra evidence relating to the anchor stock.

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