The Maritime History of Wales 5: The Welsh U-Boat Project 1914-1918

November 2021

In this our final episode dedicated to the maritime history of Wales, Eirwen Abberley Watton finds out about a project which has been documenting and reconstructing First World War stories from the Welsh coast. The project focuses not only on unearthing and recording shipwrecks such as the U-Boats from the war, but also on the the lives of communities and families affected by the war. To find out more Eirwen speaks with Dr Michael Roberts, a marine geologist and research fellow at the Centre for Applied Marine Sciences, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University. Michael’s recent research in collaboration with Bournemouth University has focussed on using multibeam sonar data in combination with historical archives/collections to identify offshore Irish Sea shipwreck sites. Between 2016-19, in collaboration with the Royal Commission and Nautical Archaeology Society, Michael led the Bangor team in contributing to the development and delivery of the HLF funded U-Boat project Wales 1914-18, which placed major emphasis on linking maritime collections held by local maritime museums and private individuals with larger national records and archives.

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