The Merchant Venturers and Bristol Shipping in the Early Seventeenth Century

By Patrick V. McGrath, published February 1950


Explores shipping records of the Bristol Venturers Society from 1610 to 1630; contrasting them with the lists of the Letters of Marque equally attributed to Bristol. The article contains transcripts of the losses recorded in their Book of Trade written around 1620 and a list of shipping from 1626.  The author explores further the attempts made by the Venturers to avoid contributing to government schemes for suppression of piracy despite the impact of the Barbary Pirates who as well as tackling the trade routes even captured Lundy Island, and took captives from near Padstow in 1625.

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Filed under: English Channel | Irish Sea | Other (Early Modern)
Subjects include: Merchant Marines | Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers