The Politics of Liverpool’s Northern Whaling Trade, 1750–1823

By Simon Hill, published November 2018


Whaling is a largely under-researched aspect of Georgian Liverpool’s maritime heritage. Nevertheless, some broad features of this trade are known. Indeed, Liverpool began sending whaling vessels to the Arctic in 1750, but by 1823 this trade had effectively collapsed at the port. However, there is one area in particular that has been especially overlooked by the existing literature: the relationship between Liverpool’s business–political lobby and the local whaling industry. By analysing this issue, we gain a broader understanding of the patterns of Liverpool’s northern whaling trade to 1823. Evidently, if a maritime business is to succeed then it requires consistent lobbying and support on dry land.

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Filed under: Eighteenth Century | Nineteenth Century | Arctic
Subjects include: Whaling & Fishing

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