The Presence of Tromp during Blake’s Reduction of the Scilly Isles in 1651

By C.D. Curtis, published February 1934


The English Council of State suspected Tromp’s preparations, thinking that the Dutch wished to seize the islands for use as a base against the Commonwealth and, on April 1st, issued urgent orders to Blake to proceed to Scilly. Blake was instructed to enquire of Tromp his intentions. Blake declared that the Scillies had capitulated on June 3rd, not because they were in need of supplies etc. but because they were forsaken by everybody and could expect help from no one, and so they had accepted the favourable terms of capitulation. On July 4th, Lieutenant Admiral Tromp appeared before the States General, gave his report of the expedition to the Scillies and handed over his Journal.

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Filed under: Atlantic | English Civil War | English Channel | North Sea | Pirates
Subjects include: Administration | Logistics | Merchant Marines | Navies | Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers | Weapons

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