The Privateering Voyages of the Tartar of Bristol

By Bertram M. H. Rogers, published August 1931


The Tartar was a 20 gun, 3 masted ship with a crew of 121 men that was procured as a privateer by John Chilcott and Co., Bence Lockier and Woodward, and Lucas and Son. The ship first set sail from Bristol in 1778 under the command of John Chilcott junior, the son of the owner, victualled for 4 months with orders to attack and capture French ships and those of “His Majesty’s rebellious American subjects.” In this initial cruise, 3 ships were taken although detail is lacking. A second voyage under Aaron Floyd was made in 1779 with identical instructions and information on this cruise is more complete.

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Filed under: Atlantic | American Revolution
Subjects include: Pirates, Corsairs & Privateers

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