The Rebaek Rudder

By Carl V. Sølver, published May 1946


The side rudder found near Rebaek, in Kolding Fjord, Jutland, in 1943, together with some fragments of a 14th century ship, is evidence that it is much older, even though nothing of its own vessel has been recovered. It is exhibited in the Koldinghus Museum and shows a great resemblance with the rudders of the well-known Gokstad and Oseberg Viking ships, although it is much larger than those; this is evidence that it was used by a merchant ship, possibly of the 12th century or earlier. The paper includes some good drawings of the rudder and describes perfectly the details and characteristics of this remarkable historic piece. A clear explanation of the efficiency of its use is also included.

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Filed under: Baltic | Late Middle Ages
Subjects include: Archaeology

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