Two Pairs of Dividers and The Mariner’s Mirror

By D.J. Bryden, published February 1968


This article discusses the development and decoration of dividers over the centuries. One-handed dividers are shown frequently on early sea atlas charts that were copied and altered for later versions. Volume 1, number 1 of this publication used a reproduction of the 1588 The Mariner’s Mirrour showing a pair of one-handed dividers with one-piece legs and decoration not shown on the 1584 and 1586 Dutch and Latin versions. The frontispiece of The Mariner’s Mirror was redrawn for Volume X, number 1 and on, supposedly of the 1588 English version, and shows a pair of dividers with inset points (points of differing cross-section to the leg), a development of the second half of the nineteenth century.

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Subjects include: Science & Exploration

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