Vice Admiral Lord Collingwood

By Victoria Howard-Vyse, published February 1982


Promoted to C. in C. Mediterranean and ennobled after the Battle of Trafalgar, Collingwood had, up to that point, had a long and varied career. Entering the Royal Navy at the age of twelve, under the aegis of an uncle, he gained much sea experience before achieving his own commands. Through the lows of court martial, mundane blockade duties, to baptism of fire, close connections with Nelson and the highs of second in command at Trafalgar Collingwood served with distinction. His later career drew heavily on these experiences and his personal qualities of patience and quiet temperament enabled him to make unquestioned diplomatic judgements. Worn out by a lifetime of service to his country he died at sea and lies beside Nelson in St. Paul’s Cathedral.

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Subjects include: Biography | Strategy & Diplomacy

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