Viola/Dias: the Working Life and Contexts of the Steam Trawler/Whaler and Sealer

By Robb Robinson and Ian B. Hart, published August 2003


Viola was launched in 1906, and trawled the North Sea until requisitioned in WWI. After decommissioning and sale to Norwegians, she was renamed Kapduem, fitted with a harpoon gun and sent whaling off West Africa. In 1927 she was sold to Argentinians, renamed Dias and went to South Georgia for whaling, sealing and as an expedition support vessel. Sold on after WWII, the Dias continued sealing until laid up in 1964. She sank in 1970. A survey in 1990 found her restorable. This article examines the economic and social contexts of the trawler’s long working life.

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Filed under: Atlantic | North Sea | Nineteenth Century | Twentieth Century | Antarctic
Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea | Science & Exploration | Whaling & Fishing

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