Voyage in a Kuwait Boom Part II

By Alan Villiers, published November 1962


Continuing on from Part I of this article, Alan Villiers quotes from his journal kept during 18 months sailing with the Arab crew of a Kuwaiti Boom between December 1938 and June 1939. The Bayan was a two-masted, lateen rigged, decked, wooden vessel, carvel built of teak, iron fastened, 85ft in length, 29 ft beam and 115 tons net. The voyage took him from Aden, via various parts of the east coast of Africa, to Kuwait. Illustrated with photographs of handling a lateen sail, he describes the structure and life on board of the crew of 30 under the skipper, or Nakhoda, the patterns of trade for such vessels in the north Indian Ocean and the earnings and profits to be made on such vessels.

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Filed under: Interwar | Indian Ocean
Subjects include: Manpower & Life at Sea | Ship Handling & Seamanship

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