Wreck Raising in 1786

By F.K. Ingram, published November 1921


Mr. Sewell, the publisher of the European Magazine, collected books on Naval Architecture in order to promote the scientific study of the subject. One such book describes, in detail, the raising of the wreck of the “Fenice”, a 74 gun ship which had sunk whilst storing in the Spignon channel. With her back broken and the hull sliding into deeper water, blocking the channel, efforts were made to raise her in 1785, by pumping out two old galleys sunk and secured alongside. Although initial attempts were promising the hull proved to be stuck fast and more lifting power was required. Bad weather and the onset of winter forced the abandonment of the project until the following year when more vessels were used. The “Fenice” was finally raised on July 30th 1786, moved along the channel and then broken up.


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